Who We Are

School Club Zambia is a UK charity and Zambian Non-Governmental organisation working with schools to ensure every child has access to high quality, vocational and creative education and where education leads to job security and life opportunities for the nation's youth. We are currently working in four communities in Zambia where our work reaches almost 2,000 children per year.


School Club Zambia was founded in Zambia in 2011 and registered in the UK in 2014 by a group of professionals who recognised the huge financial and technical gaps in the support available for many of Zambia’s schools, especially in the rural areas. After many years of working for and with community schools across the country, the founders strongly believed that an alternative and sustainable financial model for these vulnerable schools was needed in recognition of their severe lack of resources and dependency on infrequent hand-outs. A school without external support will on average operate on less than £100/K1,000 a term, which will often equate to less than 0.48 pence/4.8 Kwacha available to invest into a child’s individual education per year.

At the heart of School Club Zambia’s work is our Self-Financing Schools programme, where we provide the financial and technical expertise for schools to launch income-generating enterprises. With little or no external support, sustainable sources of income are vital to ensure the schools can continue to operate long into the future. These enterprises also form the foundation of our Vocational Education programme, where the children and local community members have access to practical, vocational skills that will provide them with alternative livelihood opportunities and business skills. Since 2014 we have also incorporated two new core areas into our model: Literacy Development and Girls Education.



To support vulnerable schools with a relevant financial model, leading to financial sustainability of schools and enhanced levels of education. Our model aims to provide schools with a means to self-generate adequate funding to implement the Zambian curriculum effectively, whilst simultaneously providing sustainable livelihood opportunities through skills training in entrepreneurship, literacy and addressing the particular barriers girls face in becoming entrepreneurs.

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Our Values

Youth centred - committed to a child and youth’s rights approach to development with a particular emphasis on article 12 of the UNCRC.

Diverse - utilise multiple trades and skills to combat aid and dependency.

Collaborative - working in partnership with those who share our vision.

Practical - using Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound (SMART) intervention strategies.

Transparent - ensuring our work and finances are honest and clear to our beneficiaries and donors.